Tap Titans – The Video Game It’s Best To Check Out If You’re On The Lookout For Something New

The next few paragraphs happens to be focused on the actual smartphone game that is acknowledged as Tap Titans. Like your normal clicker game, the purpose of Tap Titans is undoubtedly to tap swiftly in the direction of your primary goal, along with passive improves, all in the actual name associated with advancement. And this smartphone game utilizes the style of virtually any RPG within which you happen to be tapping quickly for a single hero. There exists also a gang of some other characters who’re responsible for doing indirect destruction. Once you actually get rid of the actual enemies, you actually become yellow metal from them. And it may end up being used for not simply improving the actual harm associated with the actual hero you regulate yet also to improve the damage for each second associated with the actual gang of characters.

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The RPG structure brings in lots of cleverness. The particular leader has got a bevy associated with exceptional capabilities that could end up being utilized to deal with foes and the actual effective bosses which pop in, which could carry out massive destruction, attack speedier, or bring in additional problems. Simply bear in mind the fact that every single ability you have has got a timer regarding cool down therefore you cannot make use of these frequently. Nonetheless, there exists a multiple selection in play right here.

The particular hero improve system happens to be exciting to play around with. And while most individuals assume that upgrading the newest characters is the particular strategy to use because that allows to get rid of bosses quicker, that is not reality. It is in addition worth upgrading old characters given that many of them possess distinctive permanent bonuses just like far more precious gold from wiped out enemies havingĀ tap titans hack which is evidently very helpful. Whilst the particular damage gain from early heroes is hardly ever sufficient to end up being resulting, it tends to make it so that there’s value within upgrading everyone on the list at some time, since these rates can easily mount up. And a lot more harm for every moment which is carried out by means of the heroes also means far more yellow gold once you actually shut off the mobile app.

And this particular mobile game is certainly the one which brings in a little something brand-new towards the actual genre when we are dealing with boss combats. If you desire to progress within the actual smartphone game in that case you need to destroy every single boss within lower than half a minute. This choice attracts a new level associated with game play instead of becoming usual grind.

And it is surprising nevertheless the actual mobile game just isn’t penalizing and you’ll find not a lot of terrible elements that can affect the heroes. The particular mobile game contains the circumstances whenever your heroes are actually slaughtered however that occurs hardly ever and in the event that it’s not the main hero in that case it’s generally not really worth to revive these. If perhaps it was much more of a risk, or if perhaps more random unfavorable occasions sprouted, well then I’d worry about it, nevertheless here it is simply an odd thing which comes about at times, at the very least way early on. Different power-ups and funds boost is definitely introduced every now and then by fairies. You’ll be able to additionally view videos for better rewards.

All of us recommend looking into this smartphone game since it is actually a great one. You’ll not end up being pushed to devote just about any money and you’ll be able to delight in a truly great game. Even now unsure? Look into just about any Tap Titans review and you will notice precisely how satisfied the individuals are generally about the particular game.

Pou – Your Virtual Pet Game


Pou – Your Virtual (Alien) Pet

The game that we are going to be talking about today doesn’t sound so nice, at least in pronouncing. Chances are that you have already came across it quite a few times but either chose to ignore it or it didn’t interest you. We are talking about the game Pou. Yes, that is correct, Pou. Some pronounce it as Poo (as in poop) while some say it is spelled as Pow. A debatable topic indeed.

What Is This Game About?

Some might wonder how it has been a top grossing game for so many years (I think at least 3 years now since it’s release?) but there are it’s own reasons for the success that this game has enjoyed. The game has implemented the model that a popular game for PC back in the days called Tamagotchi introduced – a virtual pet. Instead, Pou here is a pet, but looking like a Poo or an alien. It is a character which demands your attention every now so often. Use pou hack to enjoy this game to the fullest. By now, you might have set your expectations high if you have not seen the game yet, thinking how great the graphics and playing experience would be, correct? Well, sorry to burst the bubbles but Pou isn’t your daily great graphics game released by any popular developer. It has an average but still good looking graphics, especially considering a single developer made this all. It was also originally released for iPhones older than iPhone 4, so the resolution has also been stretched instead of being improved.

Speaking of Game in Detail

The game is not yet playable on iPad, not because it has any issues but it’s resolution hardly makes the experience of playing worthwhile. One another issue apart from this is that when you download this game, there is sort of no tutorial or walkthrough provided. You are assumed to learn everything by yourself, which is kinda weird, especially after spending $1.99 USD on it. At the very start of the game, you get a not-so-good looking brown character or alien guy, looking like a poop, known as Pou. It is always sad unless you take good care of it. He continues to poop every now and then and you are supposed to clean his mess and also him. The room painted in blue color is supposedly the bathroom.

There are mini-games or micro-games that has been built inside this game. This includes mini car races or making Pou jump and that kind of stuff. The good side of this game is that it is not bugged like many other games who claims something entirely different but fails to deliver. Instead, here, you get what you actually expected, considering it’s poop what you’re after, lol. The developer also doesn’t seem to be wanting to miss any opportunities to collect user’s email address. Each time you navigate into the game settings, it will relentlessly ask for your email address.

Final Thoughts

At times, you can feel like why would anyone in their right mind want to buy such a game. But it matters very less of what you or I think, because the game has been already grossing heavily for the past three years. And that is enough to prove that people are showing significant interest to Pou. I feel the pet lovers also feel a sense of responsibility to train and take care of their pet and pass the time.

When you least expect something, that is what usually surprises more. These type of games that were made in early 2000s, you might feel like how they are popular in the advance times of games, but the fact is they are. People like simple stuff, which can help kill time or boredom for few minutes.

A-Z Review And Information About Spider-Man Unlimited Game

Who doesn’t love Spider-Man? Probably only someone who hates super heroes! The newest game by Marvel, known as Spider-Man Unlimited is all set to rock the smartphone world. It’s rich graphics and entertaining factor is surely going to take everyone by it’s charm.

The story mode in this game begins and is set-up in the New York city where tons of bad guys comes from the unknown whole and are breaking lot of things and causing havoc to the city. They are also looking for a special item or “asset” which is described as “ISO-8” in this game.


Of course, our hero Spider-Man is assigned this daunting task of fighting all these bad evils. But he isn’t going to do it just with the basic powers you might have seen him portraying in the movies. Spidey has got himself suit up with variety of suits, each of which gives some certain, special super-powers.

The story mode opens up in a special way. In each stage, you are assigned certain task and objective that you need to complete. This is usually achieved by of course, as you might have guessed, by defeating the villian. You are then allowed to move to the next level. However, just when you thought it is easy, it gets more difficult. The prequisite here is that you are required to have certain level of experience (also known as XP) or spidey sense to advance to the next level. There are things you can do to get this going smooth like feeding him and by doing all sorts of things through purchases that this game offers. Yes it costs money but well. Another alternative would be to use something like spider-man unlimited hack which makes things a little more easier.

So like we discussed, to advance faster and enjoy the game to the fullest, there are things such as vials (which you can also earn, but is a slow process) and ISO-8, all of which acts as a premium in-game currency to allow yourself to progress faster in the game. Like we mentioned above, you can also take advantage of cheats and software to solve this problem if spending money on games isn’t your cup of tea. Other than the standard things, you can also use this currency to upgrade various amazing type of Spider-Man variants such as Bag-Man, Spider-Ben, Noir Spidey and more! Thought these cost in-game currency, acquiring this itself for free just through smart gameplay is not very hard. If played skillfully, you might not even require to spend a single penny on it for unlocking upgrades of this game.

Apart from all these things, another cool aspect of Spider-Man Unlimited game is that virtually, you get to play endless (huge) number of stages (levels). I mean, you can continue playing on and on but it just doesn’t end. This also opens a whole lot of opportunities to earn some XP, vials. On top of this, there are also special events where you can bag some exciting prizes. Then there are also certain levels where you can switch different kind of Spidey’s, each of which requires to pass the same level but in a different manner which is good for the gamers who just can’t get more of it.

Speaking about the gameplay of this game, it is an absolute delight for a gamer. As you might have been or experienced in such similar games, you go from street-to-street, sliding and jumping along the way. There are also few stages where you need to swing with the help of web and avoid obstacles while collecting bonuses. This is a dangerous area because you need to control your movements otherwise you might fell into fire or debris underneath. You might feel like why Spider-Man is running most of the time or why I am made to run most of the time, but trust me, the places and levels through which it goes, the obstacles which Spidey has to overcome all together make this an interesting experience.

Now, speaking about the graphics and quality of this game in this paragraph. If you have already downloaded and installed this game, you probably know that much of this game is incorporated to resemble in the good old comic style. You know, those usual comic graphics, thick and bold fonts. It is very nicely put, I must say. And the voices and background music that is been incorporated makes things a whole lot better rather than annoying.

Now, that’s not to say that the game is absolutely free from any problems and glitches. From what I have experienced so far in few cases, a certain touch actions doesn’t get recognized at few times which results into your character getting killed quickly in some cases, which can albiet leave you angry, knowing that it was not your fault. Other than this thought, things are okay. I do hope to see few improvements in the next updates regarding to this issue.

At the end of the day, Spider-Man Unlimited, despite a few minor problems is definitely a game that all action lovers, especially Marvel lovers should at least give a shot at. So if you have already played it or plan to play, let me know what you think of it and share your experience, I’d be happy to connect and read. :)