Pou – Your Virtual Pet Game


Pou – Your Virtual (Alien) Pet

The game that we are going to be talking about today doesn’t sound so nice, at least in pronouncing. Chances are that you have already came across it quite a few times but either chose to ignore it or it didn’t interest you. We are talking about the game Pou. Yes, that is correct, Pou. Some pronounce it as Poo (as in poop) while some say it is spelled as Pow. A debatable topic indeed.

What Is This Game About?

Some might wonder how it has been a top grossing game for so many years (I think at least 3 years now since it’s release?) but there are it’s own reasons for the success that this game has enjoyed. The game has implemented the model that a popular game for PC back in the days called Tamagotchi introduced – a virtual pet. Instead, Pou here is a pet, but looking like a Poo or an alien. It is a character which demands your attention every now so often. Use pou hack to enjoy this game to the fullest. By now, you might have set your expectations high if you have not seen the game yet, thinking how great the graphics and playing experience would be, correct? Well, sorry to burst the bubbles but Pou isn’t your daily great graphics game released by any popular developer. It has an average but still good looking graphics, especially considering a single developer made this all. It was also originally released for iPhones older than iPhone 4, so the resolution has also been stretched instead of being improved.

Speaking of Game in Detail

The game is not yet playable on iPad, not because it has any issues but it’s resolution hardly makes the experience of playing worthwhile. One another issue apart from this is that when you download this game, there is sort of no tutorial or walkthrough provided. You are assumed to learn everything by yourself, which is kinda weird, especially after spending $1.99 USD on it. At the very start of the game, you get a not-so-good looking brown character or alien guy, looking like a poop, known as Pou. It is always sad unless you take good care of it. He continues to poop every now and then and you are supposed to clean his mess and also him. The room painted in blue color is supposedly the bathroom.

There are mini-games or micro-games that has been built inside this game. This includes mini car races or making Pou jump and that kind of stuff. The good side of this game is that it is not bugged like many other games who claims something entirely different but fails to deliver. Instead, here, you get what you actually expected, considering it’s poop what you’re after, lol. The developer also doesn’t seem to be wanting to miss any opportunities to collect user’s email address. Each time you navigate into the game settings, it will relentlessly ask for your email address.

Final Thoughts

At times, you can feel like why would anyone in their right mind want to buy such a game. But it matters very less of what you or I think, because the game has been already grossing heavily for the past three years. And that is enough to prove that people are showing significant interest to Pou. I feel the pet lovers also feel a sense of responsibility to train and take care of their pet and pass the time.

When you least expect something, that is what usually surprises more. These type of games that were made in early 2000s, you might feel like how they are popular in the advance times of games, but the fact is they are. People like simple stuff, which can help kill time or boredom for few minutes.

Marvel Contest of Champions – Where Superheroes Fight Each Other

Marvel Contest of Champions, the latest smartphone game appears as if it has been a dream come true for every comic book geek, especially Marvel comic book fans. All the characters from the Marvel that are known to one ultimately fights with each other in this game to prove their superiority over one another. Hence, the game title Contest of Champions. The game appears (from my opinion) to be a strongest rival of DC’s Injustice game. The developers of Contest of Champions have tried their best to equip the game with loads of amazing graphics and story line. Still, I believe that the game fails to capture the gamer’s interest. That is, there are less incentives to one to keep playing and coming back, demanding for more.


The developers of this game, Kabam has completely rethought the strategy for their this game, unlike other titles released under their name. Instead of the normal social games that they have been known to release, what you are served this time is a high-paced action game. The complex but yet easy to operate fighting moves are easy to put in a PC or console game, but are very difficult in general to be introduced to touch screen devices. But Kabam has pulled this off very well, in a much crisp and smooth manner. You can move in all directions, protect yourself and occasionally carry out a special attack.

The gameplay continues very smooth without any obstacles. However, you need to be very smart in studying the actions and mind of your opponent. You need to know when you are going to get a hit and when you can launch an attack, otherwise your hero will take up quite a bit of damage. As a result of this, there is a minor chance that you will end up losing the battle.

As you might be expecting from this game, there are tons of superheroes and characters that you will be able to unlock in this game. The only catch here of course being a free-to-play game is that you will need your pockets to loosen a bit. The game, like many other similar games features a premium in-game currency, known as “Crystals”. You can use these crystals to unlock superheroes. You should also spend these on upgrading the skill-set of already existing characters and make them even more stronger. Don’t be shy to use marvel contest of champions cheats every once in a while to make things a bit more interesting! It will take some more time than what you expect though in order to unlock the ultimately, super-powerful characters, even with the premium currency.


There are also some special challenges in this game, commonly known as “quests”. When you complete such questions, your character will gain Experience (also known as XP). You can use this XP to level up your superhero, give him a few more powers and also help you in winning some difficult battles. Even though things takes time, the game still is generous enough to reward you should you decide to not to spend any dollar on the game.

The main problem of this game is not it’s Pay-To-Play model but it’s actual lacking to “do more”. While each superhero has got it’s special moves and movements, there is a very little difference between each of the heroes, except one or two different powers. The basic movements remains same no matter what heroes you choose. While some are more powerful, some are weaker. But being weaker in a real battle doesn’t appear to be making any difference between winning and losing the game. For example, I can pick the weakest character of the game and still win against any top dog.

This makes very little room for Contest of Champions to do well. The storyline is also a bit short, even though it has been dubbed directly from the Contest of Champions comic series. It seems these superheroes are threatened in some form or shape and they are not able to show their powers to the fullest. While sound effects are there, the actual voice from each of the character is lacking and albeit, not very unique to speak so. I wish the developers paid some more attention to this issue.

There are definitely some improvements that can be made to this game. It is okay enough to satisfy the heroic needs in you and beat the heck out of those enemies, but I would not expect much from it apart from the casual gaming experience.

Heroes Charge Is Released And Here Are Some Tips For It



Heroes Charge is the latest player in the Mobile RPG and online multiplayer battle area, developed by the publishers at UCool. The game offers the ability to users to collect more than over fifty heroes and train them to be powerful and stronger. As a player, you will fight many battles. Skill is much required here. You can’t play casually and expect to win if you are not forming perfect strategies. As you will advance further into the game and win the battles, you will start collecting Experience (EXP). This gives you ability to customize your characters (heroes) and make them more stronger and better by upgrading their weapons and skill-set. The game offers the player a variety of modes to try and play such as Trials, Cruise, Guild, Campaign and Arena.

Some Tips & Tricks To Help You Win Battles

Make use of heroes charge hack to give you an unfair advantage, thus helping you defeat opponents and win the level.

You are required to reach a particular EXP before you can take on quests and unlock tasks. Thus, the more you play and more stars you continue to earn, the more Experience (EXP) you will be awarded with. This helps in unlocking many hidden features and items.

You also need to take greater care of improving your heroes. I will recommend allotting them six available weapons and then promote them to win the battle.

There is more than just one way mentioned above to upgrade your heroes and make them better. That is, by upgrading their skill-set. These upgrades are less costlier in start, but as you will further advance into this game, you will notice they get very costlier. This will also make your attacks more powerful, giving more damage to the enemies.

Another way to make them powerful is by making the use of what’s called “Soul Stone”. Basically, the soul stone is used in evolving your characters (heroes) and making them stronger. You can collect these for each particular hero and upgrade his skills and abilities. Once you collect it all, that hero can be invited to your team and can be used to fight battles.

To recognize or find from where to collect the soul stones for any particular hero, when you tap on them (the ones who are not yet invited), it will display what stage you need to play, win and clear to earn that new hero.

The chapters or stages of this game works in the following manner. Once you complete a certain stage, an elite or upgraded version of that stage is unlocked. On playing these elite versions or stages, you will get more rewards than compared to the standard version you just played.

If it it possible, you should try going after the gold chest, which is conducted for free every few hours. However, the catch is that it will cost 288 gems. But there are also big rewards offered here. Rarest of the rare heroes will often appear there. If you plan to sell Mithril, you can earn 5000 coins. Not just that, but if you sell your EXP potions or vials, they can also fetch good money with each vial earning up to over 1000 coins, which is some great amount.

The most recommended way to earn Mithril and EXP is to play the elite version of the stage and farm it out completely. It is then that you should sell that Mithril once you exhaust stamina or run out of elite levels you can play.

The type of weapons or equipment sets that you use here also matters a lot. Of course, as it makes sense, the most rare equipment will make your hero more powerful since not many opponents will have this. This can make the difference between winning and losing the battle. This is especially incredibly useful during the online multiplayer fights.

The various types of trials that are offered in this game are Cursed City, Valkyrie Showdown and Crashed Hill.


We hope that these heroes charge tips and cheats will prove useful to you the next time you play it.

Detailed Review of Marvel Future Fight Game


I don’t think it would be wrong to say that Marvel Future Fight game that has been released recently on iOS and android platforms is one of the best games released by the Marvel since the puzzle quest game. It is a free to play game with a number of micro-transactions involved, but even if you’re not ready to spend any money on this game, it is still quite fun and highly addictive game.

I have been really surprised a lot because last couple of Marvel games were not quite as addictive as this game. Another game Marvel Contest of Champions released by Marvel also failed to captivate users interest. It had quite limited abilities. But it is not the same case with Marvel Future Fight. It’s mechanics, heroes, their powers, and other in game resources have been adapted quite well into this game. This makes getting bored from this game quite an impossible task.

Game Basics

The basics of this game are very simple. You start with three superheroes that you are allowed to select from the pool of the Marvel world. There are some limitations, however, you are still able to select some powerful heroes including Angela, Black Bolt, Iron Fist, etc along with some other heroes such as Captain America, Black widow, Iron Man and other avengers. There are a lot of other characters also available in this game, but it will take some time to unlock them all. There is also a possibility to use marvel future fight cheats to unlock all of the game’s unlock-able items.

There are various stages in this game which takes you through the story mode. It is portrayed in this game as if the villains and evils are fighting to destroy this world and you are supposed to fight with them and save this world from getting destroyed. Between the fights, you will get some opportunities to collect the in game items that are necessary for leveling up of your character.

The stages are not very difficult to complete. Within each stage, there are several areas where you fight with four or five enemies until finally reaching the boss and defeating him. The controls of this game are also very easy to use. On one side, you can tap where you want to go, whereas on the other side you can click the joystick icon that is situated in the left bottom area of the screen which is used to fight enemies. This makes performing the fight action very easy.

Advance Mechanics of Game

You carry out attacks by tapping the button. Your superhero on tapping the button automatically targets and hits the nearby enemy. You can take advantage of also the joystick button to hit in any particular direction that you want. Each character in this game has special skills which is recharged after the cool-down period. However, you need to make sure that you use this special attacks only when you are supposed to use.

You are allowed to switch in between any of the three characters in the game at any time you wish. Most likely, you will use this function only when you are fighting with the bosses.

These all brings us to the in app purchase talks of Marvel Future Fight game. By spending real-world money, you can purchase the in game currency known as crystals which can be used to unlock various upgrades. These crystals can be used on a number of things but you will most likely use it to power up and level your character. Spending on these chests sometimes also offers what is known as hero biometrics, which helps in unlocking new superheroes and awards ISO-8 of different amounts which can be used to enhance our hero’s capabilities. On the other hand, crystals can be also used to buy energy which is exhausted when fighting with the enemies and gold which can be used to upgrade our characters, equipments and skills.


Overall, this game has left me very impressed on how fun it is to play. If you are a lover of Marvel, then you will likely enjoy this Future Fight game. New and new levels are continuously being added on a daily basis. Along with that, also new heroes and villains are being constantly added. This all makes Future Fight a relatively less boring game and there is always a lot of things that you can do inside this game.

Cooking Fever – A Cooking Game For Cooking Lovers


If you like time management games and cooking meals, then you are going to love this new cooking gaming app that we have here today. Meet this new game called Cooking Fever in which you cook delicious meals and desserts from all over the world in variety of ways. This highly addictive game is absolutely free to play. In this game you are given a variety of choices to cook meals for. For example if you love desserts, then you can open a dessert restaurant. If you love fast food you can open a fast food restaurant. All in all, you are given a variety of chances and stages to cook different types of meals and progress yourself as a master chef. You are provided with hundreds of ingredients to cook different types of delicious and finger licking meals. We are not just talking about the traditional cooking since you are also supplied with variety of latest appliances that are used in modern kitchens.

Just to give a few examples, you could be using rice cooker, popcorn maker, a pizza oven or a coffee maker and variety of other types of appliances. Just like I said earlier, this game is not just limited to traditional cooking approach. You are supposed to do so much and there’s so many hats to wear to run your restaurant successfully. This includes decorating your restaurant so that more and more customers are attracted, giving freebies on occasional basis such as cookies or cup cakes to make your customers happy and make them return again and again. As you might be knowing by now that this game mimics much like a real life experience and things that the restaurant owners do to make their customers happy. This in turn leads to produce much more profit and as you get more money, you can spend those money on upgrading your restaurant to even serve variety of more dishes.

As you know a good Chef is the one who serves their customer in the correct time in correct manner. So as you might guess, the time management aspect of this game is of incredible importance. You can completely build your own restaurant the way you want. You can also expand the reach of your restaurant by buying similar restaurant or buying bakeries like yours. So there are a lot of things to do including occasionally playing some games inside your restaurant and what not.

There are also number of achievements to be unlocked inside the cooking fever game. And by number of, I mean there are a LOT of achievements waiting to be unlocked, really. As an owner of the restaurant, you get awarded in certain way by completing certain tasks. You can use that money to upgrade your equipment in the kitchen and also unlock new types of food, variety of buildings in your area and gain experience and unlock new levels with each new task. There are sufficient amount of levels to play, it never ends. So you definitely keep coming demanding for more.

Cooking fever is an absolutely free to play game. Hence as you would expect in a free game, there are certain upgrades known as in app purchases that are provided by which you can get some advantages. However, that is not to say that you can not advance and gain money by free in this game.  There are also some cooking fever cheats available on the internet by which you can unlock the paid resources for free if you don’t want to spend money on this.

Now let’s talk about some of the amazing features of this cooking fever game.  As a Chef in this game, you can cook up to 250 dishes using hundreds of ingredients. There are 8 unique locations available in this game including Chinese, Fast-Food, Pizza, Indian, Seafood, Bakery, Sushi and many more locations which will be added in the latest updates. Not to mention, there are incredible 300 levels to complete in this game. And if this was any less, there are hundreds of upgrades which you can do to improve your kitchen and restaurant and attract more customers.

Overall, this is quite a unique cooking game that I have seen in a while. I would recommend to try this game to everybody who loves cooking and time management.

Asphalt 8 Airborne – In-Depth Game Review

Today, we are going to be talking about a high action packed racing game, Asphalt 8 Airborne. Yes, you got it right, it is the successor to previously successful (former) version, Asphalt 7 Heat. It’s incredible feeling of speed thrusting action, great controls and tons of chapters to play and try makes this game definitely one of the best of it’s class out there. However, you are also often reminded of how helpless you feel if you are not ready to shell out money on various in-app purchases. Although there are other ways to combat this issue by leveraging and using asphalt 8 cheats.


The game is, as you know, eight installment of the Asphalt gaming series. So it is not like there was any much work that was demanded to improve or increase performance since the game itself was pretty top notch even in the former versions. You get a great phone tilt steering effect, auto-acceleration of cars, two buttons (each on one side, right and left) for brakes and nitrous boost altogether around makes the controls and playing experience a breeze in the Asphalt 8 game.

The introduction of the new dynamics into Asphalt 8 are really breathtaking, especially the air stunts and tricks which rewards you in several ways by giving the in-app money as well as nitrous boost increase. However, they can be intimidating at times as well. A slightly imperfectly timed stunt or air flight can result in total wreckage, spoiling your opportunity. This does not happen often, but it still persists as the stunt you planned might turn out to be bad due to lack of judgement.

For the heavy hitters, Asphalt 8 is a match made in heaven. It gives the players a variety of levels which lasts for much longer and are in greater number of stages. The game offers 8 high intensity training sessions to increase speed and also around an incredible 180 total races, which is a huge amount. Not to mention the amazing online multiplayer gaming experience that has been built right into this game itself. So you get the luxury of racing with some of the best opponents of racing world games right onto your smartphone.

Like it has been mentioned before, the skill does play a role in this game but it is outranked by your ability to have better cars and tools. If you have a faster and more powerful vehicle, you can easily outlast your opponents. While on the other edge, if you have a not-so-good car, despite all the skills and tricks you have in your bag, winning the race will seem like a dream. So, in a way, Asphalt 8 game really tries it’s best to make you spend money and try to make you purchase those shiny upgrades.

However, that is not to say that the game does not provide any “free” or “incentive” opportunities to earn these unlockables by itself. There is one thing in particular which is termed as “infection” inside this game. What it essentially does is that whatever car catches this, they get unlimited amount of nitrous boost for a specific time, but however that increases the chance that your car might burn out if you don’t manage to lose it. In process of doing so, it can lead to getting crashed as well, so that’s one thing to consider.

But still, not being very harsh on the game, Asphalt 8 is just joyous enough to alert or remind you that there are ways to unlock cool things and make the process more fun and easier by spending some money. You are given the choice of either buying the in-game currency or particular car defined by speed and other factors. You are required to make a wise choice here otherwise the money spent on upgrades might turn out to be as good as throwing it away in dustbin.

But, at the end of the day, if you ask me, at $0.99 price point (the game is paid unlike the freemium model), we believe you cannot just go wrong. Of course, it does seem pushy towards spending more money on in-app purchases at certain times, but it is still a quite amazing game, best of it’s class if I may say.

A-Z Review And Information About Spider-Man Unlimited Game

Who doesn’t love Spider-Man? Probably only someone who hates super heroes! The newest game by Marvel, known as Spider-Man Unlimited is all set to rock the smartphone world. It’s rich graphics and entertaining factor is surely going to take everyone by it’s charm.

The story mode in this game begins and is set-up in the New York city where tons of bad guys comes from the unknown whole and are breaking lot of things and causing havoc to the city. They are also looking for a special item or “asset” which is described as “ISO-8″ in this game.


Of course, our hero Spider-Man is assigned this daunting task of fighting all these bad evils. But he isn’t going to do it just with the basic powers you might have seen him portraying in the movies. Spidey has got himself suit up with variety of suits, each of which gives some certain, special super-powers.

The story mode opens up in a special way. In each stage, you are assigned certain task and objective that you need to complete. This is usually achieved by of course, as you might have guessed, by defeating the villian. You are then allowed to move to the next level. However, just when you thought it is easy, it gets more difficult. The prequisite here is that you are required to have certain level of experience (also known as XP) or spidey sense to advance to the next level. There are things you can do to get this going smooth like feeding him and by doing all sorts of things through purchases that this game offers. Yes it costs money but well. Another alternative would be to use something like spider-man unlimited hack which makes things a little more easier.

So like we discussed, to advance faster and enjoy the game to the fullest, there are things such as vials (which you can also earn, but is a slow process) and ISO-8, all of which acts as a premium in-game currency to allow yourself to progress faster in the game. Like we mentioned above, you can also take advantage of cheats and software to solve this problem if spending money on games isn’t your cup of tea. Other than the standard things, you can also use this currency to upgrade various amazing type of Spider-Man variants such as Bag-Man, Spider-Ben, Noir Spidey and more! Thought these cost in-game currency, acquiring this itself for free just through smart gameplay is not very hard. If played skillfully, you might not even require to spend a single penny on it for unlocking upgrades of this game.

Apart from all these things, another cool aspect of Spider-Man Unlimited game is that virtually, you get to play endless (huge) number of stages (levels). I mean, you can continue playing on and on but it just doesn’t end. This also opens a whole lot of opportunities to earn some XP, vials. On top of this, there are also special events where you can bag some exciting prizes. Then there are also certain levels where you can switch different kind of Spidey’s, each of which requires to pass the same level but in a different manner which is good for the gamers who just can’t get more of it.

Speaking about the gameplay of this game, it is an absolute delight for a gamer. As you might have been or experienced in such similar games, you go from street-to-street, sliding and jumping along the way. There are also few stages where you need to swing with the help of web and avoid obstacles while collecting bonuses. This is a dangerous area because you need to control your movements otherwise you might fell into fire or debris underneath. You might feel like why Spider-Man is running most of the time or why I am made to run most of the time, but trust me, the places and levels through which it goes, the obstacles which Spidey has to overcome all together make this an interesting experience.

Now, speaking about the graphics and quality of this game in this paragraph. If you have already downloaded and installed this game, you probably know that much of this game is incorporated to resemble in the good old comic style. You know, those usual comic graphics, thick and bold fonts. It is very nicely put, I must say. And the voices and background music that is been incorporated makes things a whole lot better rather than annoying.

Now, that’s not to say that the game is absolutely free from any problems and glitches. From what I have experienced so far in few cases, a certain touch actions doesn’t get recognized at few times which results into your character getting killed quickly in some cases, which can albiet leave you angry, knowing that it was not your fault. Other than this thought, things are okay. I do hope to see few improvements in the next updates regarding to this issue.

At the end of the day, Spider-Man Unlimited, despite a few minor problems is definitely a game that all action lovers, especially Marvel lovers should at least give a shot at. So if you have already played it or plan to play, let me know what you think of it and share your experience, I’d be happy to connect and read. :)

An Unbiased Review Of Alphabetty Saga Game

alphabettysaga-team330The newest game from King isn’t what you usually see, a 3 Match type game I mean. This time, King has came out with something new and different what’s known as Alphabetty Saga. Basically a word matching game but tugged in a similar fashion and layout to that of other games of King. The similarities between this and other 3 Match games despite the different genre can be easily spotted by telling from a few common things such as the cheese coming down from top to bottom and of course, the bubbles that pops.

Being a word matching game, yes, as you thought is to not to match the similar 3 icons but instead make a word from the letters which are scrambled on to the board in Alphabetty Saga. The bare minimum requirement to be recognized as a word is that the word formed should be at least three letters long. Of course, there are rewards for making a longer word, more than three letters at least. The process is very easy to get used to once you clear the first few levels.

However, it is around the late 20’s levels mark when things starts to get tricky and problems kicks in. The obstructions of tangled vines requiring you to form the word, wading out the stone blocks by using the nearby letters are some of the challenges you face once you start clearing out the first few easy levels. There are also problems that you will run out of enough moves and are essentially stuck. In such situations, it gets essential that you use something like alphabetty saga hack or pay as an in-app purchase to buy more moves to further continue playing the game without any breaks or pauses.

As we discussed earlier, if you played many of the King’s games, you will find the layout is essentially similar to those of their other (3 Match) games. This game is not about pure luck or logical thinking but more about your ability to form complex words and a strong knowledge of vocabulary is quite demanding here. There appears to be a certain pattern where the letters are situated in particular place, making things even worse on noticing it. Thus, it is important that the player does not lose the temperament and continue to focus playing strategically.

We discussed just above of how just like other games of King.com, you are limited with the amount of lives and numbers of moves you are provided with by default. This gets even more difficult as you progress further in the game, having less and less moves with more complex challenges to solve. Like we talked before, you can either buy them or use some software and cheats to generate them, however you please. If you run out of them still, you are totally dependent on your knowledge of dictionary and pure luck.

Talking about the graphical and game appeal aspect of this game, of course it is superb with all sorts of spices and excitement that you would expect from King. The sounds of the game are very intriguing. I would like to personally take some time aside and congratulate the team behind Alphabetty Saga who worked so hard on incorporating so much words and levels or chapters to make this game quite exciting, fun and at the same time, challenging!